What we do

We are a digital agency that specialise in storytelling, digital campaigns and influencer strategy.


As experts in social media, we'll help you reach your digital goals and get the most out of your online platforms.

We are a tiny team and able to provide our clients with personal packages that put

attention to detail at the centre. 


Our services

Social media

content creation






Influencer strategy 



article writing 






Wine tastings 



Louie Rodrigues

Communications Consultant

With a background in journalism, Louie specialises in social media, digital 

campaigns and strategy development. She works with every client individually and calls on freelancers when needed in specialised areas. 

Anthony Silkoff

Public affairs Consultant

Anthony specialises in public affairs, particularly on sensitive topics. He offers support to brands when looking at digital campaigns and finding the right tone online.

Both Louie & Anthony are embarking on their WSET 3.


Some of the lovely brands we've worked with



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